Boy Crazy, is an invitation to walk alongside a piece of Elizabeth's journey as she examines the effects of past traumas. Our experiences and subsequent memories don’t disappear; they all combine to create our story. Perspectives may shift over time, layers of life may contribute to different contexts, but the events themselves can’t be undone. With trauma, these pieces of our story can get stuck, and, as a result, our mental health can be challenged. 

We organized the book into three parts, the first and third parts are printed on pink paper and contain the diaristic text while the middle section contains the photographs printed on a soft white paper. We created a multi-colored typographic entry to the narrative from the medications the author was prescribed for symptoms stemming from her experiences.

Workshop Arts
120pp, 7.5 x 11.25 in.
Artist: Elizabeth Clark Libert
Editor: Jonathan Blaustein
Design Direction: Caleb Cain Marcus