A book of deeply personal photographs and writings, C Fodoreanu’s Ode to the Lake Sacalia, uses images of water and people taken at Lake Sacalia in Transylvania to explore the tension of self-discovery and identity, and the in-between states of one's self-awareness, paying homage to younger selves journeying towards identity, queer or not, searching for faith and ideals, reconnecting to what holds one true to oneself. 

We used a haptic approach to represent the changing depths and pressure of water and self-examination, progressively moving toward thinner paper for each of the three sections of the book. The images were reproduced as tritones with the middle color section printed with a blue ink. The cover has three die cuts which trace the depth of the water from the lake’s topographic lines.

Cornel/Henry Art
88pp, 6.55 x 9.44 in.
Artist: C Fodoreanu 
Essay: Seph Rodney, Shana Nys Dambrot 
Design Direction: Caleb Cain Marcus