In Black Like Paul, in which Alex Christopher Williams explores the relationship between historical, contemporary and personal experiences around issues of race, passing, and masculinity in America. He focuses on male archetypes using folklore, legends, and icons as references to draw similarities between the past and present. As a white passing mixed race man, Williams' photographic practice centers on the liminal space between race/ethnicity and identity using a more documentary style while also attempting to actively subvert common tropes and traditions of the practice.

The dust jacket acts a skin for the book, its black vellum is silkscreened with the title Black, Like Paul with white ink. This creates a juxtaposition between language and visual elements—the word black written in white—to echo Williams’ exploration of race and identity.  

Monolith Editions
88pp, 6.8 x 9.6 in.
Photos: Alex Christopher Williams
Design: Caleb Cain Marcus